We are a glass fabricaton studio with roots in NYC and the Hudson Valley. Using flameworked borosilicate glass, traditional methods, and some more modern fabrication techniques; we work with artists and designers to make their glass dreams a reality. Eductated in scientific glass at Salem CC, with a personal passion for sculpture, we are ready to combine technical skill and precision with creative problem solving to manifest your vision in glass.

Featured: Delay lines by Melissa Dubbin and Aaron Davidson

Fabricated by Dylan Karle

Delay Lines

by Melissa Dubbin and Aaron Davidson

20" and 27"(50 & 70 cm)

Click on the photo for behind the scenes!

Lighting Prototypes for Studio Soffield and LOI

2020-02-23 15.30.58 copy.jpg
2020-02-20 20.39.29 copy.jpg

Bubble sculptures and cloches for a cosmetics photo shoot. above is about 18" tall, and the cloches to the left ranged from 6" to 10" wide

2020-02-22 17.21.52 copy.jpg
2019-10-23 18.50.55 copy.jpg

Face rollers for artist Carly Mandel during her residency at Urban Glass

Ring Production

Roxann Rings.JPG
2019-09-17 06.06.07 copy.png
2019-09-17 06.07.23 copy.png

Jewelry designed by Kate Hundley

Click on the model to see her work

2019-09-17 06.06.15 copy.png

Designed by Maleia Shelfin

Vase 5" tall