We are a glass fabricator currently based in NYC. Utilizing flameworked borosilicate, traditional glass methods, and some more modern fabrication techniques, we work with artists and designers to make their glass dreams a reality. Eductated in scientific glass at Salem CC, with a personal passion for sculpture, we are ready to combine technical skill and precision with creative problem solving to manifest your vision in glass.

Featured: Delay lines by Melissa Dubbin and Aaron Davidson

Fabricated by Dylan Karle

Delay Lines

by Melissa Dubbin and Aaron Davidson

20" and 27"(50 & 70 cm)

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2020-02-23 15.30.58 copy.jpg
2020-02-20 20.39.29 copy.jpg

Bubble sculptures and cloches for a cosmetics photo shoot. above is about 18" tall, and the cloches to the left ranged from 6" to 10" wide

2020-02-22 17.21.52 copy.jpg

Face rollers for artist Carly Mandel during her residency at Urban Glass

Jewelry designed by Kate Hundley

Click on the model to see her work

Designed by Maleia Shelfin

Vase 5" tall